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Talented employees coupled with State-of-the-art Equipment Delivering Quality Results

At Guardian Utility Services, we provide quality directional boring, hydrovac, excavation and utility locating. We are a complete underground utility contractor with the industries safest and most efficient equipment.

Directional Boring

This is a minimal impact trenchless method to install underground conduits. Our professionals can install all types and sizes of underground utilities.

  • Water Pipe
  • Electric Lines
  • Sewer Pipes
  • Fiber Optic Installation

Hydrovac Excavation

Hydrovac excavation is quickly becoming the preferred method of excavation for digging in high risk areas and daylighting underground utilities. It allows for safe, precise and non-destructive excavation, mitigating the potential for property damage.

Guardian also has the capability of jetting sanitary and storm sewers.


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Private Utility Locating

Guardian uses the latest equipment and proven methods to find underground utilities. With our services you can get utility line locations and other underground data you need to work on your site safely. 

Guardian uses GPR technology to scan and inspect concrete slabs or columns before coring or drilling. We can analyze the subsurface to detect embedded objects.

Guardian also offers utility mapping, camera inspection and drone services.